Ask Lynn: How Can I Come Back Faster from a Serious Accident?

This question comes from a student of mine who is working her way through the lingering effects of a couple of serious accidents. It’s been two years and she’s frustrated and discouraged with her perceived lack of progress. She’s anxious to restore function to her former level and asks if she doing something wrong.

Having been through a similar experience, I’ve learned that the first step in moving forward is to get out of the story of what used to be and accept what is now. And no, acceptance does not mean that you are okay with the thing that happened. It just means you understand the full extent of the recovery you are undertaking. For that, the deeper practices of pranayama, self-study, and especially meditation open the door to transformation and growth.

Although this case involves a physical injury, enduring an emotional trauma or grieving a loss could call for the same compassionate approach.


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