Yoga in 30 Seconds: Hot Water Cleanse

Starting the day with a cup of clear, hot water that’s been boiled jump starts digestion and elimination. Boiling makes it easy to absorb. Feel bloated? Repeat throughout the day.

Gifts From My Sabbatical

 Splendiferous Skies Looking at the big picture proves the sky is not the limit. ***  Beautiful, Multi-colored and Faceted Rocks Along the Shore Firm foundation beneath allows for lightness and flow above. ***  Crystalline Water Deep reflection allows me to see myself more clearly.  ***  Awesome Sunrises The dawn of each new day heralds the potential for miracles. *** Majestic trees bring me …

The Yoga of Cats

A restful pause—taking a quiet, comfortable break from moving, thinking and doing–is a great balm during times of stress. Some people feel guilty about sitting around doing nothing. Not so with cats. Here Spot demonstrates the art of finding a comfortable resting position.

Yoga in 30 Seconds: Office Edition

If you spend hours sitting at a computer, and who doesn’t these days, you may find yourself prone to stiffness, headaches, and that often so hard-to-resist 4 pm stupor. Instead of reaching for caffeine or sugar, try a few seated forward bends: Start seated in a chair, hands resting on the tops of your thighs, feet hips’ width apart. Feel …

Yoga in 30 Seconds: Superbowl Edition

Make a game day snack that adds to, rather than detracts from, your  health: Rinse and drain a can of chick peas. Toss with a little good olive oil. Spread on a foil-lined pan. Salt and pepper to taste–maybe a sprinkle of fresh herbs. Roast at 400 degrees till they reach desired crispiness (10-15 minutes). You may be tempted to …