Integrative Health Coaching

At one time or another, we’re all challenged with the need to make lifestyle changes in order to maintain optimum health and happiness.Whether it’s a matter of complying with doctor’s recommendations or breaking a long-term habit that doesn’t serve your goals, change is hard! The Duke model of health coaching is based on the Wheel of Health, which helps give a much bigger picture view that makes it possible to tap into all of your resources–even the ones you may have forgotten about. Once you’ve set your sights on smoking cessation, weight loss, making an important move or upping your professional game, success entails far more than good intentions. Readiness to change means you’ve devised a clear picture of your goal, assessed your readiness to act, and mapped out a doable plan to get there. That’s where I come in.

Coaching is a client-driven process that can help you to:

  • Remove the onus around making lifestyle changes and set the stage for success by tying them to your values and priorities.
  • Break an overwhelming behavior change into a series of well-defined, doable action steps
  • Establish your own goals in a realistic setting based on what you know about yourself
  • Anticipate obstacles to progress and devise strategies to overcome them
  • Effect and maintain permanent changes once and for all

As your coach, I’ll be your cheerleader, soundingboard, and accountability partner. And we’ll have some fun – promise!

The number of sessions you’ll need can vary, but six sessions is a proven starting point. After that, you may opt to have periodic individual sessions to maintain your goal. Or you may be inspired to take on an even bigger project – success is a great motivator!

Your sessions will include:

  • 50 minute one-on-one meetings by phone, Skype, or in person.
  • Personal guidance in self-care and health-maintenance activities
  • Work sheets and educational materials to prompt discovery and aid progress
  • 6 sessions over 8 months 12 sessions over 12 months
    $700  $1000 Book Now

    After an initial six session engagement, individual sessions can be purchased for $125 dollars per session for up to 24 months after the conclusion of your last session.