Feel Like Taking A Walk?

IMG_3764As you may know Stephanie Harding and I have been jointly sponsoring daylong and weekend retreats combining the complimentary pursuits of Yoga and Walking in Nature. From experience, a number of you also realize how darned much fun these events can be. Our upcoming October 21-23 workshop at Stony Point–about an hour north of the city–is already more than halfway full–seven of the 11 rooms in the Gilmore Sloane Mansion are already booked. (You can get more info on that one here. Early registration is open till July 22—but speak up soon to nab a room in the mansion.

Some of our participants have opined that October is too long a wait for the next gathering and have requested an interim event. We’re inclined to agree and we’re thinking Spring.

As we scope out some super interesting venues within 90 minutes of the city that would contribute to a memorable day, we’d like to get a show of virtual hands to see who’s interested in coming. Assuming a cost below $50 (exclusive of food) for two guided practices and two guided walks,  This online poll will tell us how likely you are to attend, as well as your preferred dates. You can also leave a message, suggestion, or question in the comments field. (Scroll down past the dates and hit the comments section and a window will open.)  If you are not already on my mailing list, be sure to include your email address so I can keep you posted.

If you think you might want to join us, please take a minute—that’s all it should take! —to respond. If we decide to proceed, I’ll only follow up with confirmation and details to those who fill out the survey to avoid clogging inboxes.

Stay tuned!

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Francine Tramantano
Francine Tramantano
8 years ago

Yes, I would love to take a one day walk & yoga?