Mentorship for Yoga Professionals

In fifteen years of practice, I have worked with people whose health spanned the spectrum of the human condition. From able-bodied seniors to people in the advanced stages of dementia, those who can run a marathon to people in wheelchairs, it has been my honor to be of service to my clients. I’ve worked with people who have recovered from cancer and other seemingly incurable debilitating illnesses and those who’ve not survived their illnesses.

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If you’re thinking of walking the therapeutic path, it helps to have a guide who’s a few steps ahead of you. I have an extensive background in working therapeutically with people in individual, large- and small-group settings. As a faculty member of an IAYT-certified yoga therapist training, an executive and health coach, I can also help you clarify your vision hone your professional demeanor.

Whether a seasoned Vinyasa teacher interested in creating safe practices for all body types or a new yoga therapy grad wondering how to begin, I can help you refine your teaching/therapist voice and develop the skills and confidence to work with your clients with insight, safety, and compassion. You bring your commitment and intention. I will provide feedback, resources, and the benefit of my experience in the following areas:

  • Developing your teaching/therapist voice
  • Safe sequencing
  • Modifying asana for all ages and body types
  • Creating targeted group experiences and therapeutic workshops
  • Teaching for various conditions
  • Working with mature bodies
  • Holding safety in private sessions and group classes
  • Teaching deeper practices

Sessions can be conducted over Skype or in person in NYC. Sharing therapeutic yoga with people in need can be a hugely profound experience. It is an honor and a privilege to be invited into our clients’ lives. When you are ready to follow your heart to a fulfilling, new role, let’s talk!

Singles sessions Six One-Hour sessions over a one-year period (prepaid)
$150 per hour.  $800 Book Now