It’s Back–Literally!

By request, Yoga for a Healthy Back will become an ongoing class in the Rutgers Wellness Initiative beginning Monday, March 9th at 6 PM. I am excited to welcome current participants back to our practice and welcome any interested newcomer with a back that could use some TLC to join us.

Throughout the day, from shoveling snow, to working around the house, lifting and carrying shopping bags, or simply sitting at the computer, our backs are at work. Subsequently many of us live with chronic stiffness, tension, and pain.

In this class, we’ll address structural and posture issues at the core of pain and stiffness. We’ll explore techniques to relieve compression, release tension, stabilize and strengthen core and posture muscles, and increase circulation for healthy movement.

This 9-session series runs from March 9th through May 18th at the Rutgers Presbyterian Church at 236 W 73rd St. The cost for the entire session is $225 or $112.50 for seniors over 62.

For more information, or to register, contact Jennifer Moore:



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