New Opportunities to Practice in 2015

Lynn and Kevin for BlogI’m so excited about creating some new experiences and ways to explore the tools of yoga with the new twist of integrative health coaching added to the mix! Here’s a rundown of some of what’s coming up in the near future.

We’re got big plans for this year at the Rutgers Presbyterian Church Wellness Initiative. Plans are still in the works, but I’ll let you know as soon as we’ve finalized dates and times on these exciting new offerings.

Two FREE Saturday workshops are in the works for the winter and spring: 

Mindful Eating

This is not a class about dieting, but there’s a lot to recommend the mindful eating approach as a way of creating healthy, permanent eating habits for people of any weight. Workshop participants will gain tools for making healthy choices that nurture and support the whole person, honoring the process of feeding our bodies in a deliberate and compassionate fashion.

Using the Tools of Yoga to Get Better Sleep

Cultivating better sleep starts with understanding the complex nature of sleep issues and the need to set the stage for better sleep throughout the day. In this workshop we’ll explore meditation to calm anxiety, an evening asana practice to transition energy, a yogic take on sleep hygiene, and a deeply relaxing practice called Yoga Nidra.

Two 4-6 week series are also in the works:

Yoga for Stress Reduction

This class series will tackle a condition that’s become one of the largest health threats facing us today, chronic stress. Our basic focus will be to cultivate mindful awareness via physical yoga postures, meditation, breathing techniques, and guided relaxation.

New Year-New You: 6-Week Transformation

I’m super excited about this one! This workshop that will be a blend of Mindfulness Practice,Yoga, and Group Integrative Health Coaching. If you have the intention of forming a new, healthier habit, whether body-, mind-, or spirit-focused, here’s your opportunity to take advantage of the support of a group setting. Each participant will devise his or her own goal for the workshop and together we will walk through the process of forging new habits. Looking to add exercise to your life? Reduce the clutter? Take steps to manage your response to stress better? Let’s tackle it together!

A spot has opened in the Wednesday evening Small Group Sangha. We meet from 7 – 8:30 PM on the Upper West Side. This group of 4-5 has been meeting together in an intimate setting for a few years now and it’s a really special way to deepen your practice. Openings are rare, so if you are interested in joining and willing to commit to a regular practice, email me:

It’s not too late to take advantage of my half-price offer for a six-session Integrative Health Coaching encounter. If you are attempting to change a habit, drop some weight, turn around a risky health situation, or just create a more vibrant version of you, and you want to work with me one-on-one check it out.

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