Yoga Therapy

Wondering what yoga therapy is and how it’s different from a yoga class? In a nutshell, Yoga Therapy is what doctors are really thinking about when they recommend yoga to their patients. While group yoga classes can provide a satisfying experience, they are not safe for everyone at all times. With certain physical, physiological or psycho-emotional conditions, a personal approach is what’s needed. Applied skillfully, the tools of yoga can help with managing, mitigating, or improving a number of conditions.

To become a C-IAYT a skilled yoga teacher must take a rigorous 2+ year training that includes all aspects of yoga and meditation but also covers anatomy, kinesiology, methodology, and other areas such as mind-body, energy reading, and/or somatic training. We’re not medical practitioners, but yoga therapy can be a great complement to traditional medicine. Our role is unique in the healing process. Yoga therapists don’t work with conditions–we work with whole people.

You may benefit from yoga therapy if you have any of the following:

  • Chronic structural conditions, such as narrowed disk space, scoliosis, or osteoarthritis
  • Physiological conditions, such as Diabetes, Obesity, MS
  • Psycho-emotional conditions, such as anxiety or depression
  • Chronic stress
  • Coping with difficult life changes
  • Sleep issues
  • Post therapy or post-surgical recovery
  • Pre-surgery preparation

Even one session can make a difference. Here are some of the things you can accomplish:

  • Create a sequence that serves your unique needs and reflects your schedule, condition, and commitment level.
  • Learn safe ways to modify/substitute poses that present risks for you, so that you can safely resume attending group classes.
  • Apply the full range of yoga tools to managing an injury, recovery, or chronic condition.
  • Create a practice to support you during those times when you are under unusual stress, traveling, or can’t get away from work.
1 session 6 sessions over 3 months
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