Summer of Sangha

I recently did the math and was shocked to discover that over the past 12 years I’ve actually taught thousands of group classes. In a variety of settings and classes ranging from vigorous to therapeutic, standing, in a chair, even on a ball, I’ve loved my teaching practice. It introduced me to many of you.

While a lot can be accomplished in a group setting, by nature “open” means there’s no telling who will show up to any given class. With a wide range of abilities and goals, often one participant will walk away feeling the class was too physically difficult while another leaves the same class feeling unchallenged.

Health club settings are also more geared toward the asana end of the scale, leaving little time for the more esoteric–and for my money, powerful–practices such as pranayama and meditation.

Lately, I find myself gravitating more toward opportunities to create deeper experiences for my students. (If you are currently taking class with me, fear not: This is not a resignation letter!)

In yogic tradition the teacher/student relationship is a one-on-one proposition. The teaching is geared to the individual practitioner according to his or her unique constitution and habits.

This summer I experimented with a different model for study: a semi-private setting with no class turnover. This format affords me the chance to give more individual attention to each participant. Students can then advance at their own pace with nothing to hold them back. Together we can travel wherever our collective noses take us along the yogic path–all for a fraction of the cost of a private class.

The summer trial was an unqualified success, and the pilot group has become a permanent sangha. (That’s a Sanskrit word for a community that comes together around a common purpose.) Going forward, I’ll be creating more of these semi-private groups.

If you are interested in being a part of a future group, let’s talk. Participants make a commitment for an entire month. Either I will place you in a group at your level or, if you like, you and 2-3 friends can form your own group. We can meet at your space or mine.

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