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I am a Yoga Therapist/Teacher and Integrative Health Coach with 15 years of experience in the field of wellness. I have helped hundreds of people get out of pain, reduce imbalance in their lives–both physical and lifestyle varieties-and come fully into their lives. I can help you to achieve your goals using the tools of yoga, the tools of coaching, or a combination of the two.

Therapeutic yoga clients include people of all ages living with cancer, Parkinson’s disease, MS, spinal and disk issues, dysfunctional movement patterns, arthritis, imbalance, anxiety, weight management issues, and chronic pain syndrome. I teach group classes, semi-privates, privates, retreats and workshops.

Coaching clients include people who want to change careers, quit a bad habit, clean out clutter in their lives, reduce a stressful situation, start an exercise or diet program, or make a meaningful change.My mission is to empower my students and clients to adapt practices that suit their individual needs, abilities, and stage of life, all with safety and a sense of play.