What Mom Didn’t Know About Posture

Do you throw your shoulders back in an effort to improve your posture?

How’s that going?
Girl #3
Contrary to years of admonishments from our mothers and other elders to stand up straight, achieving healthy posture is way more complicated than simply pulling ourselves into an erect stance. A variety of elements go into the way we carry ourselves, including heredity, structural symmetry, and physical condition. And a whole bunch of external elements can impact our stance as well, especially technology habits that encourage a “head forward” stance, a sedentary lifestyle, chronic movement patterns, and other health conditions.

The good news is that whatever the source(s) of your stoop, you can take steps to improve your posture.

The better news is that you’ll derive simply by making the effort. And those are many. Besides the cosmetic appeal–erect posture exudes confidence and personal power–good spinal alignment can: Give the respiratory system more room to do its thing, thereby increasing your breath capacity; Build resilience; Improve memory and mental acuity;  Reduce chronic back, shoulder, and neck pain. And by standing proud, you can positively affect your body chemistry and re-pattern your brain toward a healthier mood.

So are you ready to dump the slump? Have I got a series for you!

New Offering: Posture Clinic!

4 Thursday Evenings * October 6, 13, 20, 27 * 6:30 – 8:30 PM

$200 ($175 if registered by September 6)

In a small group setting this workshop will focus on:Girl #1

  • The essential foundations for good postural support
  • The critical relationship between the spine, breath, and deep abdominal core muscles
  • How poor posture can produce chronic pain
  • How your habitual patterns can actually alter the spine
  • Tools and techniques to support the infrastructure, muscular balance, and breath support vital to healthy postural alignment.
  • Quick techniques to sprinkle throughout the day to mitigate pain and strengthen core posture muscles

Participants will have the opportunity to create customized practices to address their unique needs. All levels are welcome and no prior yoga experience is necessary.

For maximum participant experience, class size will be strictly limited. Make sure you get a spot and take advantage of the early registration discount!

Register Now for the Posture Clinic


Illustrations by Carly Dotterer
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Madeline Ritter
Madeline Ritter
7 years ago

Hi Lynn,

Where is this posture workshop going to take place. I think I would like to take it!

Looking foward to having you back next week.

Madeline Ritter (Whitehall class participant)