Yoga in 30 Seconds: Stress Reduction

Stress reduction is often cited as one of the big benefits of yoga and for good reason. Quality time on the mat is a great way to recognize and release stress-related chronic contraction, tightness, and muscular holding patterns. A breath-based asana practice can increase circulation, release tension, and calm the mind. But what if you are stuck at your desk and lack of quality time is the stressor? Like the simple practice described above, there are some quick and easy ways to cut off physical stress before it has a chance to set up housekeeping in your shoulder blades or the base of your spine. Don’t have 30 minutes to practice? How does 30 seconds sound? Here are two techniques to get you started. I’ll post more in the coming weeks. And special thanks to Pedro and Paula for the awesome modeling job!

Yoga in 30 Seconds | YogaLynn April 2014

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